Free SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate at zero cost for 90 days (other CAs offer only 30 day free trials)
Issued online in minutes with no paperwork or delays
Highest strength 2048 bit signatures / 256 bit encryption

Signed from the same trusted root as our paid certificates
Recognized by all major browsers and devices
Free with full security and functionality, no compromises.
Our Free Certificate is valid for 90 days and is as trusted as our paid SSL certificates. This means the free certificate is recognized by 99.9% of all browsers and devices and can immediately go to work securing your web site.
Why would I need a Free SSL Certificate?
Test your new site's SSL Security Certificate before it goes live
Secure your website free of charge for the next 3 months
Highest strength 2048 bit signatures / 256 bit encryption
See how easy it is to work with Comodo - install your certificate instantly
Do not let your security lapse. Get an SSL Certificate for Free and stay secure if your current certificate is due to expire.

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