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Free SSL cho mọi người hôm nay mình mới nhận được email của "" nên tiện thể viết bài này luôn ^^

Đây là đoạn mình trích trong Email ^^
Summer is coming and we have some great news for you!

As of today all premium hosting accounts can now add signed SSL certificates to your premium hosting account(s) with us for FREE!

In your cPanel under 'Let's Encrypt' you can issue real SSL certificates for your domain(s) in 1 click of the mouse.

Once SSL is activated in the cPanel around 1 minute later your site will be able to load using https://

The SSL certificates when activated will automatically renew, and will always be free.

We have also added http2 support to our premium hosting, meaning that once you enable https, then your site will load using the super http2 protocol ( .

If you need a new hosting plan now is the time, you can order at with the coupon code 'FREESSL' to receive a massive 20% discount.

Many thanks

Mọi người nhanh chân kiếm cho mình một chứng chỉ SSL cho blog của mình nhé ^^

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