Tutorial How to make pop up adware using vb.net [REALLY EASY]

How to make pop up adware using vb.net [REALLY EASY]
I am not claiming to know anything about vb.net. I have only recently started to code, This is an idea thought of by me but its so simple i'm sure most of you would have already known about this.

- Very little coding required
- Noob Friendly

WTF is pop up adware?

I'm not sure what category this falls under. adware or malware?.
its just a hidden software that runs in the background that will display pop ups every 20 minutes to whatever page you choose in the victims browser.
it rotates your links using multiurl which means you can also change your links after the tool is installed on the victims computer.

Results after I tried this method out.

I sent people to three different urls,
url shortener results:

url shortener results:
This method seemed to work the best for me, only made pennies but i'm sure if you really tried to spread this thing you could see some pretty good results, I worked out (dont remember when or how I got these workings out lol) that each install is worth around $2 a year if they keep the software installed.

The website counted unique IPs four times a day.

CPA results:

CPA results:
I sent them to anti virus pay per install offers, This method was effective however It wouldn't be long term passive income as its very unlikely they would download the offer more than once.

I didn't send traffic directly to the offers I set up a landing page which said something like "Pop up blocked, Click here to remove pop ups".

ClickB4nk results:

Made exactly $0.00 with this method, although some showed interest nobody actually bought anything. The offers I sent them to were all from random niches, The only thing they had in common were killer landing pages.

- For educational purposes only. I am not responsible for your actions.

Feedback appreciated, I know its simple stuff but even if it helps just one person I'll be happy.


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