Facebook Account Reset Hijack Trick

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http://1337day.com/exploit/description/21304 [ 50 GOLD ]
#[+] Title : Hack Any Facebook Account Without User Name And Password
#[+] Discovered By : Prince [ Cyber-Boss ]
#[+] Site : Cyber-Boss.Net | blog.Cyber-Boss.Net
#[+] Facebook Page : http://fb.com/cyberboss.net
#[+] Geetz : YasH , Code Injector, Arafat, Kunal
So Are You Ready To Own Your Victim's Account With A Smart Hack ?

First Of All send a text message containing only "fb" , "FBOOK" or "F" (without quotes) to 32665

[ N.B : if you attache your account with your phone it won't work on you..so use unused mobile number]

Then You Will Get A Confirmation Message On Your Phone.
Note Down The Confirmation Code.
Now We Will Trick User To Click On The Link &quot


For This I Send A Fake Email To Many Users And Every Time I Succeed Big Grin

Sample Email To Make The Victim To Click On The Link ( Let The Confirmation Code Is 365kj56 In My Case ) :
Your Facebook account has been blocked because of spaming.
To regain acess follow the link


If your account is hacked, please review the information below to get help.
- If your account or a friend's account is sending out suspicious links:


- To report abuse:


- For any other questions or concerns, please visit our Help Center:


The Facebook Team

As Soon As Your Victim Clicks On The Link And Clicks ACTIVATE
Thinking His ID Is Blocked You Will Get A Message On The Same Number.
Its Means Your Done Cool

Now Hurrily You Have To Do Is Goto


And Enter The Phone Number.
Then You Will Get The Link From Which We Can Acess His Account Even Without His Username & Password Big Grin

By This We Will Backdoor His Account Tongue Like Leaving A Backdoor On The Server No Matter Even
He Get To Know That He Is Tricked And He Changes The Password We Can Get The Access. We Have The Link To His Account Big Grin

Use Before Fb Remove Easy Login Or Remove This Verification Method Smile

Thanks For reading The Exploit.Hope You Own All Your Targets Thumbs Up

#[+] With A Bit Social Eng. And A Smart Hack You Can Access Any User's Account.

Nguồn Siliver Team

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