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Thứ Hai, tháng 9 26, 2016

Import excel vào mysql bằng php

code import Excel data, first you need to have a Excel reader. It should be accurate enough to interpret Excel data as expected. There ‘s a good old Excel reader.
Download PHPExcelReader.
In the downloaded archive, you only need Excel directory with files including and reader.php.
Just extract it where your web server can access.
Next place your excel file or just create one with some dummy data. Make sure this file is readble by the web server.
Finally create your php script to connect with database, read Excel file and insert data into db.

require_once 'Excel/reader.php';
$data = new Spreadsheet_Excel_Reader();
$conn = mysql_connect("localhost","root","");
for ($x = 2; $x <= count($data->sheets[0]["cells"]); $x++) {
$first = $data->sheets[0]["cells"][$x][1];
$middle = $data->sheets[0]["cells"][$x][2];
$last = $data->sheets[0]["cells"][$x][3];
$sql = "INSERT INTO mytable (First,Middle,Last)
VALUES ('$first','$middle','$last')";
echo $sql."\n";

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